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Monster list is below.

All locations here are given from cs [central square] unless otherwise specified.
Central Square is in the center of the city, and is described as the place with a clock tower, fountain, magical charity box, guards, and sometimes pigeons. There is/was an invisible NAV tree at CS - you can transport to it, but not from it.
Locations and commands are types exactly as they should appear in the Mud.

Adventurer's Guild: 6 s;2 w;n;e

Bank: 6 w;2 n;e;n
command examples: 'deposit', 'withdraw 100'
note: deposits are free, but 50 gold is charged per withdrawal.

Brotherhood of Wizadry/Magical School of Evocation: 6 s;2 e;4 n;e;n
East: Old Wizard in rainbow cloak
commands here are: 'ask about fire', 'ask about cold', 'ask about electric', 'ask about poison', 'ask about magical'.
When the portal is open, type: 'enter burned portal', 'enter icy portal', 'enter charged portal', 'enter toxicated portal', 'enter magic portal'.
Inside the portal, go one step further, and you can 'train', or 'study'.
West: Is a room where you can choose your specialisation.

CS [central square]:
description: A large fountain, Guardsman call box, magical charity box, etc.

Church of All Gods: 6 s;2 w;n;w;w
note: The main hall is the starting location of the game. To get to CS from here, go: 2 e;5 n;2 e

Maze under church:
Go from altar 3 s, 2 w, d, 2 s, push button, d, 2 n, bit w, d. You should be at another altar (if i remember the dirs exactly correct). you have 3 different mazes, w, n and e, each leads to lever (type pull lever). When you have pulled all three you can enter d and have a cup of tea with capitain annhilation (or whateva). [Drifter]

There is a secrest room in the bc church...someone has said that it contains something illegal...getting to this room is simple, go 3 s, 2 e, and look at fireplace, then go e...but beware! Guards don't like if you have this substance with you in the public...and...have a good flight. [Drifter]

Batcity Monster Worth [incomplete]:

A seer proclaiming a new revelation: 52 exp
A filthy rat crawls here in search of food: 56
A serving wench trying to attract you: 68 exp
Odif Yltsabeb is here, walking backwards: 59-77 exp
A young girl stands here, licking a sucker..: 84
A playful young child is here, playing with a yo-yo: 56-81 exp
A herbalist selling his medical herbs here: 110
A wizard's apprentice reading a runed book: 129-133 exp
An artisan's apprentice, learning his profession: 131 exp
Muumimamma stands here waving her purse at you menacingly: 120-155
A pedlar is selling his wares here: 186
A servant is polishing a door-handle here: 136
A squire, polishing some armor: 226
An entertainer, trying to earn a free meal and a bed for the night: 211
A trader searching for a place where to set up a shop: 226
A hypnotist trying to hypnotize a patient: 203-266
A grim looking ruffian stands here, probably..: 228
A golden retriever wags its tail here: 373-399
A lady is walking here carrying an umbrella: 353-445 exp
A druid just passing through the city: 420
A rustler searching for a new gang: 449
A HUGE bat-familiar stretches its wings here: 438
A counterfeiter, 'washing' some homemade coinage: 454
A gambler idling here, ready to gamble away..: 683
A tomb robber searching for a hidden entrance: 654-808
A respected lawyer going to a meeting: 660
An alchemist wandering around aimlessly: 672-698
A scribe is here, scribbling something: 596-861
An adept priest stands here, mumbling quietly: 695-757
A drunken jailer coming from the nearest tavern: 730
A spoiled brat stands here, littering walls with..: 839
A labourer on his way back home after a rough day: 991
A wealthy woman is here looking for a new place to live: 947-1015 exp
A watchman patrolling the streets, doing a routine check: 927-1297
A snobbish young fellow tries to show off his clothing here: 883-1278
A sturdy townsman is obviously on his way to the shops: 1182
A messenger delivering a message to a noble: 1146
An agitator, trying to raise a revolt: 1251
An explorer returning from his latest expedition: 1326
A bounty hunter, searching for someone: 1300
A witch-hunter hunting down witches and suspicious people: 1396-1751
A bawd is standing here, ready to guide you around the city: 1298-1509
A smuggler selling his goods in a shadowy corner: 1596-1801
An artisan going home to have a pause: 1166
An artillerist coming back from the field: 908-1225
A soldier serving the city's militia forces: 1756
A racketeer, collecting some protection money: 1948
A wealthy outlander trods here, thinking something: 2422
A fireman walks here, waiting for something to light up: 2570
A duellist enjoying his latest kill's goods: 2577-2697 exp
A coachman guarding valuable cargo to be transported: 2985
A sea captain searching for cargo what to transport on his ship: 2866-3763
A templar on the church's business: 3253 exp
A mercenary searching for a new employer: 2488-3334
A wandering bard stands here, singing ballads: 3541
A dwarven engineer, constructing.. : 3775 exp
A young nobleman stands here despising you with his stare: 4714-5357
A nobleman's private guard stands here, obviously lost: 6968
a man clad in black is lurking in the shadows: ??
A shopkeeper walks here, returning from break: ??
a shy killer: 10000
a cleric, clad in white [Athalon]

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