BatMudder's Boon and Bane info by Darlantan

First. Always improve the good boons you have and dont have too many boons/banes (though i once had 10 on tank and the banes didnt couse trouble to me at all)

good boons:
More constitution ( Raises your total hp:s)
More strength (Your blows make more damage and you can carry more stuff)
More dexterity (You crit more often and you dodge more often)
Steady hand (Your blows hit more often, good especially for barbarians)

good Banes:
Acne (When you die, you get more scars, easy to live with)
Machismo (Disables your wimpy ability, wimpy isn't very important to tanks and you can look the hp:s your self)
Necrophobia(You are afraid of corpses, no prob. Just bury the corpses or carry them with you and throw them away when outdoor)
Seasickness(You sometimes take damage when you are walking on water, this bane can be problem if you make exp on areas that are lit but if you dont, this is good bane)
Fast aging(This is not a problem unless you have a fast heartbeat race for example orc, i have been cyclo for atleast 3 months and im only middle aged)
Afraid of dark(This is good if you use torches etc.)
Shyness/Racism/feminism(These can pump your character up lots and if you never party these are highly suggested)

good Boons:
More wisdom(raises max sp)
More intelligence(raises max sp)

good Banes:
Acne(no problem, healers dont die so often and they have scar remove)
Seasickness(no prob if you dont make exp on areas that are lit)
Drifter(this is not a problem unless you kill monsies that are good aligned)
Masochism(Makes you take more damage from spells, not a big problem)
Fast aging(This is not a problem unless you are duck)

Good boons:
More wisdom/intelligence(pumps your max sp up)
Quick lips(Good if you want your spells go faster)

About the same as with healers

Well this depends whether you are Loc or priest...but priest should pump their max sp up and maybe get quick lips...Loc needs hp more than sp and thereforth he should maybe take more constitution etc.

About the same as good religious...but dont take masochism if you are loc.

Drifter is a good bane if you are loc and use vampiric blow alot....vampiric blow make your alignment drift towards evil....i have that bane and alomost never drift towards good alignment [conman]. Also good if you are evil priest and can cast make scar - do it at object or at small mob and you will keep yourself max evil.

If you are merchant you dont probably need boons at all...maybe quick lips or something little...but if civilized fighter you should raise your hp:s and perhaps improve dexterity too

Acne,drifter,masochism(merchants) and fast aging are all good.

[Millikan] adds: It should be noted that civ background gets caster banes brain fever, slow motion mouth and spell madness, so for civfighter getting them is a free lunch. And even when you plan to cast spells but mainly outside battle (merchant and others) brain fever is pretty free bane too (it may make spell you're casting go to 0% for ~5 seconds so you cannot cast that you just try casting it again.

Additional info: Fast metabolism boon [Shadowen]: makes you tick faster

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