BatMudder: Keys

a large steel key: (reavers) A shiny black key: {King Eowyn's} A small key: {elf} kill Elven Captain 4.5k, unlock door 3 an iron key with engraving: {kavaril} kill man big rusty key: {pigfarm} kill hungry pink pig Clumsy Iron Key: paupers Ebony key: {Zebells} kill feeble guard 2-3k large iron key: {Hobbit} kill Yumra, opens pantry old tarnished copper key: {Rainbow cloak} kill slime worm Red crystal rod: {Mist} kill amazon Silver key: {Newbie mines} search pillow small copper key: {Hobbit} search stand small shiny nickel key: (le biguel) francoise strong red key: {Nym's Kara-tur} small key in the shape of an ogre's head {Nym's Kara-tur} Key to Berul's gate - {Dunamor} a Kaveril man's coat. 'search coat' [Westchester] Key to newbie mines - from either lonely pudding in northern corridor or valiant guards at west-south part. [Dino] Key to Rainbow Cloak cave - from the slime worms outside the locked door [Westchester] Key to Pigfarm shed - hungry pink pig. (hint: Give key to bob, get money! - then kill bob) [Dino]

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