Nyghtshade's Identified Items List

The items below are listed alphabetically, and the info is obtained using the spell Identify. The main purpose is to provide an easy reference for repairing items. Any listed prices tend to reflect prices in the store or from the spell. "A" and "The" are ignored in item names. 'sv' is sac value.This list is incomplete; please help add to it (acknowledgements are below).

1-hand damien: +dam, LEATHER
Acerack, The Axe of Light: a bit weighty, smallish, HIGHSTEEL, 4k
Adamantium Pick [Arska]: +5% mining, ADAMANTIUM, 10k
amber necklace: +infravision
Amulet of Power: +2-4str, -int, almost weightless, very small, BLOODSTONE
an interesting white robe: RUBBER
Amulet of Truth: +4-7spr, GOLD, 200k  
Amulet of the Wendigo Warrior [sunderland]: +insig agility in combat, LEATHER, 20-25k
Angelic blade named Angatyre:+5Hit +Fire Dam,+Good wield,ZHENTORIUM,2M
Arctic Armour [Jarl's]: light, huge, 4 slots, DURALUMINUM, 65k [m,m,p,m]
arm protector called Damien: +mod combat damage, LEATHER
Axe named "Bane" [Necropolis]: +10 dex, +acid dam, ADAMANTIUM
Axe of Brantis: +psi, ?+hit, ADAMANTIUM, 100k
Axe of Destruction,'deathreaver' [Tarackia]: +mod dam, +acid dam, 1.3m sv
Axe of Knighthood: +hit, must be good to wield, DURANDIUM, 40-50k
Axe of Power [Hell]: SILVER
banded armour: LEATHER
Barbarian ring of friendship: allows join barbarian guild, COPPER
Barbed Demonscale Platemail: +5 str, almost wtless, LEATHER
Battleaxe of Barb Lords: +fire dam, +5 dam, DIAMOND
battleaxe of divinities: "breathing is difficultaround it", +divine enhance criticals, sheds light, MITHRIL, 5.2m sv
Battle-scarred shin guard (one leg): +1-2 spr, HIGHSTEEL
Battle Vest of the Ape Lord [Orac]: +insignificant magic resistance, LEATHER
beautiful silk blanket [oasis, happy merch]: +mastery of camping
Belt of the Ancient Wizard King [Orac]: +5 cast heal, LEATHER
Belt of the Baboon: +2con, +small cutting prot, HIGHSTEEL, 20k
Belt of bones: +mod int, -1 hpr, +greatly spr, BONE, 1.7m sv
Blackened Half-plate, red glow: int/str/wis/Hp&Sp regen, MITHRIL, 250k
Black axe called 'the Bleeder', black aura: +10 str +dam +magic dam, 4.8kg, DIAMOND, 244k
Black Axe of Sorcerer: +10 str, +fire dam, MITHRIL
Black Barbed Highsteel Gauntlets: +4str, HIGHSTEEL
Black Leggings of the Sorcerer: -1 con, +vastly wis, -1 dex, +divine spr, emits darkness, LEATHER, 1.6m sv
Blackblade: no stats, HIGHSTEEL
Black Fiendish Belt: +1str, LEATHER, 5k
black nylon stockings: +insig dex, + avoid, SILK, 74k sv
Black Reaver's Armour: +?4 (greatly)dex, 11kg, DURANDIUM, 130-300k
Black Reavers Axe (new): +5 dam, ADAMANTIUM
Black Robes of Protection: +slight con, +insig mag resis, FLESH
Black Robes of Protection: +slight con, +insig mag resis, SILK, 70k sv
black sabre with spider shaped guard: +3 parry, HIGHSTEEL
black samurai armour: EBONY
black scaled boots: +mod phys dam resist, +1 dex, +emits darkness, DRAGONSCALE, 1.4m sv
Black Scaly Bracers, full of thorns: str/hit, DRAGONSCALE, 88k
black shadow leggings: SILK
Black Silk Robes: 'cloak', dodge/Hp regen, medium-sized, SILK, 845k
Black silk cloak: +3 dex, almost weightless, SILK, 30-50k
Black Tunica of Zyll: +great spr, +vast damage criticality, emits darkness, SILK, 3m sv
black pants with spider.. : +3 (slightly) dex, +insig acid prot, SILK, 29k
Black Visored Helmet: a bit heavy, somewhat small, DIGGALITE
Blade of Quickness (whirling): ?drain life, +fire, ?+heartbeat, INDIUM,26k
Blade Wind, the Highsteel Wakizashi: HIGHSTEEL, 2k sv
Blood Angel's Great Axe: +dam, +poison dam, hits hard, DARKSTEEL
Blood Angel's Voulge: +poison, DARKSTEEL, 690k sv
Blood Axe, red glow: +electric damage, +1dam, HIGHSTEEL, 60k
Blood-Drinker Axe: +dam, +fire dam, hits harder than Marion, RUBY, 100k
Blood Red Axe, red glow: +dam, HIGHSTEEL
Blood Red Vest: +1-2spr, +fire prot, FLESH, 30-50k
Blood Smeared Dagger...VIPER, red glow: poison, very small, DIAMOND, 2k
Blood Trident, red glow: +magical dam, HIGHSTEEL, 3k
Bloody leggings: +insig con, FLESH, 75k
blue bracelets of magic: +great spr, ? store sp?, STEEL, 1.2m sv
Blue dragon boots: +slight prot general dam, ZHENTORIUM
Blue Radium Boots: +4-5 spr, CLOTH
Bone Sword of Capt Ann: +3 dex, BONE, 10k
Boots of the Goddess: -mod str, +slight wis, +divine spr, +emits light, DRAGONSCALE, 1.1m sv
Bracelets of Axidia: cast magical/Sp regen, PEWTER, 64k
Bracers of Gods: +vast spr, +1 int, DIAMOND, 1.2m sv
Brutal Axe of Mohan: +dam, IRON, 15k w
Brutal Maul named 'Grolth' :+mod dam +mod hit, ADAMANTIUM
Catlord Bracers: +bash, ?
Cloak of Darkness: +5 hpr, very light, med-sz, DURALUMINIUM, 30-50k
Cloak of Darkness: +3 dex, DURALUMINUM, 30-50k
Cruel look two-edged axe: +dam, BONE/STEEL
crude black spiked shoulder pad: +insig spr, TITANIUM
Crown of Mental Powers (Brantis Crown): +8int, SAPPHIRE
Crown of Vipers (New): +10 dex, -wis, BRONZE, bit heavy
Crystal Dagger, red glow: Sp regen, LAEN, 17k
crystallic amazon battlesuit: +divinely improve combat agility, LAEN
Curved leggings (dusty): +avoid, -3 int, 3.6kg, IRIDIUM 
dark-bladed Dagger dripping some: +poison, MOLYBDENUM
Dark Bracelets of Azakh-khanan, red glow: dam, PLATINUM
dark mithril medallion: MITHRIL, 1k
dark ring, made of stone: STONE, 15k sv
dark shadowy scythe: +frost, HIGHSTEEL, 4k sv
Demonclaw boots: +slight con, +slight spr, LEATHER
demon skull necklace: +insig int, BONE
Demonic armour: +slightly str, STEEL
Demons Mask: +3 con, +eat corpse, +small prot, DRAGONSCALE, 5-10k
Dermaglean Flesheater: +greatly hit, +blackness, evil wield, MITHRIL, 2m
Despana (mace of elven lord) [perins]: +5 dex/+cold dam, ADAMANTIUM, 40-60k
Devastating Axe Named 'Trollbiter' [kutanakor, Garthac Strongarm]: HIGHSTEEL
Dim Silver Ring: +insig agility, SILVER 
Dirty White Robe: +int, CLOTH, 24k
dogboy's axe [dahbec]: +hit, +dam, -wis, TUNGSTEN, 2k
Dragon Helm, red glow: +5(greatly) str, DRAGONSCALE, 30-50k
Dragonscale chainmail..gold: +7str,+4con,-2dex, 4 slots, GOLD, [me,po,fe,me], 30k
Dragonskin Breastplate, red glow: +3 con, DRAGONSCALE, 35-50k
Dreaded Hammer 'Trollsmasher' [kutanakor]: DURANDIUM, 2k
Drow Lord's Axe: +fire dam, HIGHSTEEL, 15-30k w
Drow ring (dragon ring): GOLD, 0.5k
Dukonium Helmet: +15con, DUKONIUM
Dull Black Platemail, red glow [enchanted]: -Dex, heavy, huge, HIGHSTEEL, 5k
Durin's Axe: +2con, DURANDIUM, 16k
Ebony Bracers: +2-3 dex, EBONY, 5k-20k
Ebony Rod: +3 int, PETRIFIED WOOD
Elven Battlesuit..hammer..: ADAMANTIUM, [l,f,a,a]
Elven Boots, red glow:  LEATHER, 1k
Empowered Black Leg Plates: +mod mastery arctic powers, +mod spr, IRON, 0.9m sv
Enchanted Dagger, red glow: +elec dam, TUNGSTEN, 1k
emerald amulet, red glow: insig con, mod mental regen, self-banish
Executioner's axe: +2 str, +acid dam, HIGHSTEEL, 260k sv
faded nickel boots: +slightly dex, NICKEL
Fearsome Newbie Axe ..`Onog': under lvl 30, MITHRIL, 1k
Feathered Helm [Jarl's]: ?
Fine Eyeglasses: +spr, LAEN, 20k
Fire Diamond Battleaxe:  +8 str, +fire dam, DIAMOND, 1.8m sv
flaming red crystal crown: +divinely skill pyromania, LAEN, 0.7m sv
flask containing burning bright cyan liquid: protect armour
flask containing clear bright cyan liquid: regeneration
flask containing smoky bright green liquid: regen?
Full Bodyplate of Goodness: +2con, +darkness, NULLIUM, [po,pa,we,pa], 7 slots, 10-50k
Frost Axe [Jarl]: +cold dam, HIGHSTEEL, 8k
Frost Robes: huge, ICE
Frozen Ice Belt of the Demon Lord: +2-4 spr, ICE, 120k
G'kaden: 'collar', ability hoar_frost, CLAY, 13k
Girdle of Ethereal Power: (2 versions +6int, +4-5spr), PLATINUM
Girdle of Ethereal Power: -slightly hpr, +greatly spr, PLATINUM, 1.3m sv
Girdle of Feral Power, red glow: +6 dex, very small, PLATINUM, 200k
Girdle of Feral Power, red glow: +6 str, PLATINUM, 80-140k
Girdle of Feral Power, red glow: +4-5 (divine) hpr, PLATINUM, 60-80k
Glass Armbands: +3 int, GLASS
glass jar of green salve: affects wisdom
gleaming amulet of moonlight: ??+50% resist disintegrate?, MOONSTONE, 273gold sv
Gleaming Dagger, red glow: HIGHSTEEL, .1k
Glimmering Belt of the Elements: +slightly int,+greatly spr, LEATHER, 1.5m sv
glove of swordmansship: +mod skill long blades, +insig str, LEATHER, sac value 484k
Gloves of Unpredictable Power: +is, aphyx.prot, TORMIUM
Golden Bracelets: +spr, +5 int, GOLD
Golden Mithril Plate Mail: +1 cha, GOLD, 30k
golden necklace studded with huge diamonds: -slightly con, +vastly mental regen, GOLD, 1m sv
Golden Pendant of Mental Regeneration: +spr, GOLD
Golden Wristbands: Sp regen, very light, somewhat small, GOLD
great axe of pure ice [golem]: +cold dam, ICE, 0.3k
great axe of pure lava [golem]: +fire dam, GRANITE, 0.2k
Great Belt of the Demon Queen of Spiders: +10 str, 3.4kg, IRON
Great Sun Sword of Apollo: +fire damage, ADAMANTIUM
Green Glove: +wis, CLOTH
glowing gothic axe: sheds light, HIGHSTEEL
Halberd of Night: +hum(elec), +blackness, HIGHSTEEL, 450k sv
hammer blessed by the All-father: +elec dam, +elec resistance, HIGHSTEEL
hammer of burning stone [golem]: +fire dam, GRANITE
hammer of frozen water [golem]: +cold dam, ICE
Hammer of Might: very small, ADAMANTIUM, 1k
hammer of pure lava [golem]: GRANITE, .2k
Helm of the Crimson Plume [von huber]: +6 dex, +infra, +see magic, -1wis, GOLD, 135-150k
heavy black metal ring: +divine spr, +slight int, IRON, 2m sv
Heavy Leather gloves: +infra(orcish vision) +hit, 70% LEATHER 30% RUBBER, 58k sv
Highheeled Black Boots: +4 dex, almost wtless, LEATHER, 16k-50k
Horn of Resounding: +battlecry, small, BONE
hot crystal voulge of doom: +mod damage, LAEN
Huge Axe of Doom: +dex +fire dam, MITHRIL
Hunters ring: +dam -wis, weightless, PALLADIUM	
iron ring called 'Twister': twist for invis, IRON
Jet Black Bastard Sword: +darkness, ADAMANTIUM
jeweled skirt: +insig spr, RUBY, 53k
Khopesh of Destruction: +mod dex, DIAMOND, 871k sv
Kukri, red glow:  BONE, 0.3k
Large gleaming axe [Flint Fireforge]: MITHRIL, 4k
Legendary Shield...'Fire and Fury', red glow: +divine con, +great fire resist, DIAMOND, 1.2m sv
leitbur blade: +insignificant dam, SILVER, 20k, 6.5kg
Lightning belt of the zeus: +8 str +elec res, 3.6kg, OSMIUM 
lucky copper penny: +insig agility, COPPER, 200k sac value
Macduff Longsword: HIGHSTEEL, 4k
Mace of the Barbarian Lords (Oogga): +phys dam, DIAMOND
Mace of manta ray: +poison dam, ADAMANTIUM
majestic black crown (crown of night): +mod wis, +greatly spr, GOLD
Magical Dog Collar, red glow: Sp regen, IRON, 23k
Magical silk shirt: +5 str -5 wis +hpr, 0.1kg, somewhat small, SILK 
Magic Cloak: +3-4 Sp regen, FUR, 105k
Maladyaxe, red glow: +fire dam, +1hit, medium, MITHRIL, 50-100k
Mauler: +8str/+dam, +elec, ~8kg, TOPAZ, 350k, better vs b-drinker, worse vs amberly sword. 
Maul of titans; +dam +hit +str, weighty, smallish, BASALT	
Maze Master's gloves aka Yaboz gloves: weightless, +dam, HIGHSTEEL
medallion of honor: +vast spr, +mod qc, SILVER, 1.6m sv
Midnight black cloak(tiger cloak): hides worn eq, SILK
Mighty Axe of Marion: +divine dam, +magic dam, hits real hard, ADAMANTIUM
Mirror breastplate: +greatly wis, -slightly hpr, -slightly str, +mod spr, DIAMOND, 3.1m sv
mithril ring, called 'eckma': +slightly int, +divine spr, MITHRIL, 5.2m sv
Myrier's Ankh-Cross: +3int, SILVER, 25k
Mythiko, red glow: light, somewhat small, ADAMANTIUM
Necklace of the Petrified Heart: +mod spr. STONE, 458k
Ornate Golden Horn: +2spr if angelic, GOLD, 85k
pair of 6-inch Red Pumps and Black Pantyhose: LEATHER
pair of boots made of lava: -1 dex, +fire prot, GRANITE
Pair of Dirty Leggings: +insig Sp regen, somewhat small, CLOTH, 21k
Pair of Gauntlets of Dexterity: gen damage/dex, MITHRIL, 80k
pair of nice looking gloves: *waves*, CLOTH
pair of old dark green boots: +slightly qc, +greatly spr, DRAGONSCALE, 0.3m sv
pair of shoes..Gorm's dragonskin: +greatly dex, DRAGONSCALE, 360k
Pair of spiked boots: +5 kick, LEATHER
Pendant of the Vampire: +10 vampiric blow, OBSIDIAN
piece of green slime [bc jail]: causes damage to you, scars,  FLESH
potion of Cure-All: CRYSTAL
red wizard's cloak: +slight spr, -1 dex, +1 int, SILK, 0.3m sv
ruby claws: +1 attack, RUBY
ruby crown: +insig theory pyromania, -greatly mana control, +mod cast fire, +insig int, RUBY, 200k
ruby long spear: warm, +slight damage, 20% RUBY 80% OAK
Purple neck dickey, red glow: +7con or str or dex, -2int, -2wis, VANADIUM
Pulsing Leggings, red glow: +dex, almost wtless, MITHRIL, 79k
Purple Glove: +slight spr, -insig QC, CLOTH
purple mage robes: SILK
Rakirsai, The Blue Flame: +insig con, +divine fire resis, FIRE
Red Glove of the Healer: +spr, SILK
Reddists Dragonscale boots: -agility, -AC, IRON
ring of infravision [shop]: +infra, IRON, 0.7k
Ring of Many Wonders, black line: +3str, SILVER, 16k
Ring of Many Wonders, green line: +3con, SILVER
Ring of Many Wonders, red line: +3 (slightly) dex, SILVER
Ring of Many Wonders, blue line: +3int, SILVER
ring of power [shop]:  IRON
Ring of the Medusa, red glow: +ability spell paralyze, GOLD, 15k
Ring of the Shifters: +3con, +infra, +indoor/outdoor disguise, COBALT, 50k
Ring of Quest Masters: +prot, STEEL
ring of see invisibility [shop]: IRON, 5k
Rod of Artemis: +3 spr, COAL
Rose Clasp, red glow: str/dex/wis, EMERALD
ruby claws: +2 attack, RUBY
Ruby Crown: +5% cast fire, +2% Th. Pyromania, +3 int, -10% mana cont, RUBY, 150k sv
Runed Great Axe known as Haershin: green liquid (poison), MITHRIL, 100k
Runed, Shimmering Silver Blade: +cold dam, very small, SILVER
Russian Autumn Cloak [Gaward]: +agility in combat, FUR, 3.5k
Sandals of the Earth, red glow: Sp regen, CLAY
savage maul: BONE
Seamonster's Teeth: +1dam, BONE
Severance Axe, red glow: HIGHSTEEL
sceptre of power:  SILVER
silver scarab (death): -1dex, -1str, +greatly qc, +vastly mental regen, SILVER, 3.7m sv
Shield named 'Reflection of Goodness': +halo of purity, +divine con, MITHRIL, 1.4m sv
Shield of a Thousand Reflections: "causes..nerves..tingle", +vast/divine qc, -slight/great dodge, LAEN, 0.7m sv
shield of valor, red glow: TITANIUM
Shining Mace of the Elven Lord (Despana): +5 dex/+cold dam, ADAMANTIUM, 30-50k
shinny pair of thigh high boots: HIGHSTEEL
Shroud of Darkness: bracelet. quest item, cannot be saved
silvery bracers with spider..: +slightly parry, SILVER, 39k
silver jacket: +mod agility, +insig dex, CLOTH
Skie's claws (sharp): faint hum, ADAMANTIUM
shining sword, red glow [wrebies]: +dam, VANADIUM, 3-6k
Skintight Black Leather Suit: affect damage, affect hit, LEATHER, 30k, [me,fe,fe,me]
skull helm: BONE
small combat shield:  almost weightless, small, WOOD
Small Glowing Ring: Hp regen, very light wt, tiny, IRON
Small Jeweled Belt: Sp regen, almost weightless, EMERALD, 22k
Small Jeweled Ring: phy damage, tiny, GOLD, 600k
steel studded gauntlets: +stun, brawling, STEEL, 38k sv
stone horn [golem]: BONE. Lowers drawbridge in golem castle.
Silver Battlesuit: SILVER, [me,p,p,li]
Silversteel Sai [citadel]: +poison dam, small, ZHENTORIUM
Silver Shimmering Cloak: (3 versions +10int, +10 wis, or +spr), SILK
Silvery Platemail: no stats, SILVER, 8k
Slender sword made of mithril: hits hard,~6kg,MITHRIL,700-900k
Slime Cloak: some high spr, FLESH  
Slime Necklace: + con, almost weightless, somewhat small, FUR
Smooth Gloves: +avoid, QUICKSILVER
Snickersnack the battle axe: +str, +7% reaving, HIGHSTEEL and EBONY
Soul Ripper, the jet black katana: rather weighty, somewhat small, QUICKSILVER
Spectral Crown: command_horde, STEEL, 1k
Spider Amulet: +great spr, +slight damage criticality, DURANDIUM, 3.3m sv
Spiked Battlesuit: +10 con, 5 slots, DURANDIUM, 50k, [me,po,po,me]
Spinning Ice-Mace:  DURANDIUM
Star shaped Shield: affects combat agility, ADAMANTIUM, 20-35k
Strange Translucent Plate Mail: +2-4 Sp regen, CRYSTAL, 80k
Strong Sapphire Boots: +int, SAPPHIRE, 15k
Sun Amulet: wis, GOLD, 9.5k
Swirling Bands of Lava: +5%qc, LAVA, 50-60k
Sword-belt of resistance: "makes you harder to damage", protects 1 longblade from harm, LEATHER, 0.5m sv
Sword of Elf Kings (lionsword), red glow: best used by elf, HIGHSTEEL
Sword of Justice:  "halo of purity", effective against evil, quite weighty, somewhat small, MITHRIL, 1.5m sv
Sword of Wonders: random +/-3 to stats, -/+50to100 to hp/sp/epmax, +damtype (tunable), 2kg, LAEN
tarnished Golden Helm: +mod int, +mod spr, GOLD, 1.2m sv
Tattered Boots of the Goddess: +insig wis, +mod spr, sheds light, DRAGONSCALE, 580k
Thump, the Battle Mace: +cold dam, BLOODSTONE
Tiburcio's amulet: +vast spr, +slight int, -mod str, MITHRIL, 1m sv
Tim's Powerful Staff: small, EBONY
Torn Breastplate: +2 dex, -1 wis
Transparent Red Night Gown: affect spell energy drain, CLOTH,[li,al,me,li]
Trident of Wrath: +poison (green), HIGHSTEEL, 55k
ugly rusty ring: +insig spr, IRON
ULTIMAX Death Shield: +5 str, +darkness, ONYX, 60k
Uranium Boots...emitting a deadly red glow: +4str, +gen prot, URANIUM, 80k
Vest of Abriel: +2-3 spr, STEEL
Vibrant black breastplate: +vastly dex, ADAMANTIUM, 7kg, 300k
Vibrant black cloak: +10 str, 2.4kg, medium-sized, LEATHER, 72k
Watermelon Staff: creates watermelons, +4 str, -3 int, MALLORN, 5-10k
white cloak, red glow [cornfield]: +1 cast generic, CLOTH
white samurai armour: 4% silk, 75% paper, 21% bamboo
White Slender Sword, made of mithril, red glow: light, MITHRIL, 850k
White Suit of Armour:  4 slots, HIGHSTEEL, [me,po,me,li] 8k
Xormor (frosty three bladed halberd): +7con, +hpr, ADAMANTIUM, 60-80k
Zhentorian Death Lance: +div dam, +warm yellow glow, ZHENTORIAN, 3.7m sv [killing addiction]

COND [best to worst]:


PROTs [worst to best]:

almost non-existant


red = enchanted
blue = protected
yellow = feather weight

(glowing) = magical
orange = yellow + red
purple = red + blue
green = yellow + blue
white = yellow+red+blue


cobalt: fire
malachite: ?fire
molybdenum: poison
nullium: darkness
tadmium: asphixiation
tungsten: electric

ID messages:
warm yellow glow=magical damage
green liquid = poison
hum=electric damage
orcish vision = infra

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