About Nyghtshade

last updated 1/06/2003

Nyghtshade is a real life female, aka SuZilla. She is married without children.

She works in the medical field.

She likes TV shows such as Xena, Star Trek, Highlander the Raven, B5, Witchblade, Farscape etc. She enjoys Celtic music, and other weird stuff. For fun, she does martial arts, silversmithing, leatherwork, and plays Batmud WAY too much.

She has recently begun learning to blacksmith, and has hand-forged a throwing spike and a dagger blade so far.

Her other hobbies include sword collecting, handguns, SCA, Honor Harrington novels by David Weber, Mercedes Lackey (Valdermar) novels, and mixing highly potent alcoholic beverages for unsuspecting victims.

She lives in Pennsylvania, USA, in a small town called Monessen (25 miles south of Pittsburgh), which has absolutely nothing to recommend it.

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