GUILDS FIGHTER The fighters guild is made up of those stalwart individuals who make their way in the world by their skill at arms and strength in combat. Unmatched in pure fighting skill, they are able to employ virtually any weapon or armor. From within this guild, many great warriors have arisen to lead their brethren into battle. They are the great leaders and Generals of renown. Strength and constitution are of great importance to the fighter, for they are what is most needed in the grueling heat of battle. Knowledge of magical arts is not looked upon as a priority, though the utility of a good mage (and more-so a cleric) is well understood by even the most arrogant fighter. Every fighter knows that in the end, great conflicts are won by mighty individuals who are able to slug it out hand to hand in the trenches. This is where one earns respect, honor, valor, and the right to be called courageous. These are the elements that make a fighter great, and they are the virtues the fighter pursues. RANGER Rangers are an interesting type of warrior who prefer the open expanses of the outdoors to the cramped, uncomfortable confines of a castle or tower. They are most at ease when the wonders of nature surround them, and especially when the creatures of the forest can be heard in all directions. They are influenced by the religions of Tempest and Silvanus, though not all rangers devote themselves primarily to either of these deities. Although they all share a love for nature and are quite adept in battle, there may be other aspects of life that are held even dearer to any particular ranger. Rangers are renown for their unique abilities at working with things of the natural world, and their skills at outdoor survival are equally exceptional. Those who embark upon a dangerous exploration through the wilds would be wise to have a ranger along side them as guide and advisor. MAGE A world of wonder, mystery, and most of all unfathomable power: this is the world of the mage. The unending pursuit of knowledge and power is what mages devote themselves to. To study magic is to seek understanding of the incomprehensible. It is to bend to your will that which does not wish to be controlled. The potential is limitless, and the power is unimaginable. The mage is a rare being capable of performing a wide array of spectacular feats of power and skill. This power comes at a cost, of course. The knowledge requires intense research, study, and practice: often at the expense of the mage's physical well being and health. For this reason, mages are not well equipped for hand to hand combat, yet their mighty spells certainly make up for this minor deficiency. Undeniably, to choose the path of the mage is to choose a path of wonder, and a path of never-ending excitement. And of course, though this path is fraught with peril, it ultimately leads to incomprehensible power. PSION The Psion is a being who wields such supreme control over mind and body that they work in almost perfect harmony to generate seemingly impossible results. The psion exerts its will by the simple execution of thoughts, though the manifestations of these thoughts are far from simple. The rigors of this control over mind and body are not only taxing, but from the beginning require the practitioner of this art be naturally gifted. The basic requirements are high wisdom, intelligence, and constitution. Furthermore, it is important to note that to date, there have been no known dwarven, gnomish, or canis psions. Some say it is psion elitism that prevents such races from joining, others say those races are just incapable of this type of mental control. BARD The Bard is a multi-talented fellow or lass whose abilities are spectacular, showy, and sometimes even powerful. They are storytellers and entertainers, politicians and conmen, charlatans and musicians, loremasters and occasional dabblers in the spiritual. They appreciate beauty, art, music, nature, and other such related things. They are generally well traveled and well educated in the ways of the world. Such broad life experiences contribute to the variety of skills the bard possesses. Skilled in the use of sound, singing, playing of instruments, debate, and other such things all serve the bard well his or her varied pursuits. To become a bard, one must have high dexterity, since a few of the bard's abilities require sleight of hand, or fleetness and agility of foot. Obviously, the bard must be able to charm his or her crowd, or else entertainment is impossible. Thus, charisma is very important. Finally, every bard occasionally needs a little extra blessing from Calypso to avoid a difficult "encounter". Thus, a little luck is always welcome. NECROMANCER The dark and mysterious world of the Necromancer is one not to be explored without caution. It is a world where death is as interesting as life, and the study and mastery of both is paramount to any other concerns. Pain, disease, disfigurement, and the manipulation of life forces are all valid and perfectly acceptable means of expanding one's understanding of the nature of life and death. Necromancers are very secretive about their studies, and many (though not all) tend to be very solitary and antisocial. Some think this is a result of severe mental illness and paranoia that develops in the mind of anyone who tinkers with the energies they work with. Many feel such forces are best left to the gods, and should not be explored by mortals. Others simply find their works repulsive, and avoid them out of sheer disgust. To the necromancer however, knowledge and mastery of their art is what matters. If this means few people willingly associate with them, then so be it. Some people find their craft to be fascinating and actually very helpful. Those who disagree are really not important or useful (although maybe a use could be found for their organs...). CLERIC The life of the cleric is one of the most demanding and unique in the world of Threshold. Sworn to advance the beliefs, ideas, power, and influence of one's deity, the cleric is an ever vigilant servant of their god. In the material world of mortals, the cleric speaks for and acts on behalf of the deity. In return, the deity grants the cleric many powerful spells. Their duties are demanding and rigorous. Clerics must constantly be mindful of their deity's desires and wishes, and must always remain true to its values and ideals. Straying from the path of one's deity too often can bring great punishment, loss of powers, or worse! To pursue the life of the cleric, one must already show great wisdom in the ways of the world. Clerics must also be charismatic in order to be able to sway new followers to the path of their religion. The abilities of the cleric are as varied as they are useful. Aside from their well known (and appreciated) healing abilities, clerics have a wide array of defensive, combat, and information gathering spells. NOTE: This guild demands heavy role-playing. Do not make this choice lightly!

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