BatMudder's Level Quest Hint Page

As of 7/21/98, this is the full list of levels that have quests.
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Quest Room:
Visit the Quest Room in the Adventurers Guild. Once you get there the quest is complete.
Hint: from START, go 3 e;2 s

City Tour:
Take the complete city tour offered by the tour guide.
Hint: from Quest Room, go 2 n, 2 w

Visit 5 out of 6 locations: Roulette wheel, Hospital entrance hall, Tinker's Toolshop, Library, Swimming pool entrance, Art gallery.
At each location, type 'tour visitor'.

View Artwork:
Visit the art gallery and view all the login screens.

Collect missing parts of the broken statue of the Guardian of Kara-Tur, scattered throughout the land of Ochimos, and restore the Guardian.
Ochimos is somewhere near sw or BC. Type 'enter portal' to get in.
There are 4 pieces of statue in total. Make sure you pick them up, and not a friend or party member. Drop them at broken statue, and read plaque, say Masir or Aracu. This area has been recently recoded, and may be touchy. After getting mallet, LA plaque. [Nyghtshade]
Balloon ride:
travel from bc to s-keep. [Drifter]

9 - Kobold Staff:
Rid the mines of D'Hregal of the kobolds, and GIVE the staff to the town's overseer.
To enter the crack, you have to find the roots in the NE part of the mine, type 'cut root/s'. You will get a piece of root Give the roots to Mary to get the potion of shrinking.
If it says: 'you cannot find a root large enough to cut',then someone has already cut the root.
Another way to find a potion of shrinking is to buy one from the shops ineither batcity, or a merchant cart. [Nyghtshade]

10 - Explore10:
Explore at least 10% of the land and return to the quest room to receive the award.

15 - Kitty:
A little girl in BatCity has lost her kitty cat. Maybe there is something you could do.

16 - Black Butterfly:
Location: this takes place in the newbie mines, which are in the extreme far NW corner of the map just before the river.
Find 5 different droplets of color and bring them to the black butterfly.
This is an easy quest, but made nearly impossible because other players who are not doing the quest kill the butterflies you need.
People not doing this quest should out of consideration for those who are pleaserefrain from killing the butterflies, or if they do, please leave the dropsof paint where they can easily be found by those on the quest.
And of course, don't kill the black butterfly :)

Rob vault, platter [Kai]:
Kill the vault guardian of a vault somewhere in the dungeon near player valley.
The vault is located in newbie mines, east corridor. kill the blocking brown pudding and skeleton dwarves, and then find the vault. kill "skeleton dwarf is guarding the vault here" and the quest is done. note: being lvl 16 or under, you'll probably need help from a lvl 30 tank to kill the dwarves. also: the brown pudding is with a bunch of black puddings, so use "kill brown pudding" or any non-offensive skill you have, otherwise the black ones aggro and you can't get past there. [Kai]
Bring Yogi's head to the Ranger [Digga's]
Kill smokey the bear to get silver platter. kill yogi the bear to get the head put head on platter go to ranger and "offer platter". you'll receive the fearsome newbie axe Onog. [Kai]

18 - Manhunt:
Go to Hugoville, kill Billy Bob Jack, and SHOW his sword to the sheriff. There is a secret trapdoor somewhere in Hugoville.

19 - Sewer Ring:Go to the sewers in BatCity, and find the components with which to make a special ring. You cannot be teleported out of the sewers if you hold or are in the same room as any of the ring components.
Once you enter the sewers, you cannot leave unless you get summon, or unless you make the ring.
Put coal in forge, light forge, put mould in forge, put copper in mould, 'The forge cools enough for you to be able to take the ring', get ring from forge.

20 - Register:
There is a registration clerk wandering around the city. REGISTER with him. [Nyghtshade]

Rules 101:
You have to read all 37 specific help files, using the 'help ...'command. To see which commands these are, go to the quest room [2 s from the main entrance of the Guild].
The game will tell you when you complete this level quest.
*Pay attention to small letters and capitals - this is CASE SENSITIVE.

25 - Secladin [Juo]:
give fruit to man, get 5 planks, purchase raft from yohan, get key from well, kill arnold, go into fireplace, kill gibberlings get 2 keys, free dwarf, solve puzzle, go west and down, kill elemental, river exit, kill witch, go east, get flask, go back into well, and pour flask Secladin special (award) = go nw from quiet place, follow path, search bushes, kill elemental, get doll, give doll to lonely man (you'll get 3k exp)

27 - Colours [Kai]:
Find Joseph and solve the riddle of the colours. You will need all your strength, dexterity, agility, and wisdom.
Requires a party, but the quester must also do everything himself.
here's how to get the 7 required pieces:
1: "search slime" right after going down from the old man (joseph). 2: from the center hall, go south, you come to a 3x3 room. arrange the tiles so that center is empty, and the white tiles are in corners and black tiles on the sides. then "kneel" in the middle (if nothing happens, switch white and black tiles) you get 1 piece and a key that is needed to the door south, leave south alone for now.
3&4: go north from center hall. from the crossing go east. you walk along a high bank. if you fall in the pit, _don't_ panic and try to climb out if there is a pit fiend there. trying to climb will only drop you back, and reduce hps to 1. the fiend has 1 piece, and it's an easy 1k monster. try to walk "along" until you get to the end, and take the bow. then go west from the crossing. be careful with the traps and there will also be a wolf on the way (about 1-1.5k). at the end you should find 7 arrows. then go north from the corridor. you come to Bodor and 3 targets. wield bow, "press button" and then "shoot sparrow", "shoot pig" and "shoot elephant". when you've hit all 3, Bodor drops a piece for the cloak. note: the above 4 _can_ easily be obtained with a lvl 26 character. the remaining 3, however, will need a party to do.
5: go to the central hall. go to the northwest corner. look at the hole. then wait. eventually, a spider queen (20k, poisons), and some 1k spiders pop out. kill the queen to get a piece.
6: go south of the tile room. when you come to a room with flowing water, stop. 1 south is the ghoul king, about 30k. it also summons quite a lot of undead slaves to protect himself. it also has some nasty spell that teleports a character to a coffin or somesuch, and the player will then suffocate. a nun or blaster will be useful.
7: go east from the central hall, then north in the crossroad. you'll come to a room with exits to ne, e, and se. (you come in from west). go southeast. kill the lizard gladiator (which stuns pretty often). you'll get a hammer of might (or somesuch) from it. then go northeast, kill the hellhound (7.5k). wield the hammer, and whack on the plate as long as it takes for it to go up. when you get there, the hammer disappears, and you receive a key. then go east from the crossing. kill another hellhound on the way. open the door with the key and in the room is Lakamaar the lizard king, which has one piece. he's about 15-20k. there's also 1 hellhound.
When you have all 7 pieces (btw, all 7 _must_ be collected by the quester, or one of his partymembers), go to Joseph. "Ask joseph about colo(u)rs" he tells you the colors of the pieces. toss the pieces into the basket in the order Joseph said the colors. When you have tossed all pieces, "touch basket" and the quest is done. You receive a rainbow cloak that has some spr. [Kai]

28 - Robes of time:

Free the king of the blighted valley.
Happens in mythical valley, you have to find the jewel that is the kings compressed lifeforce (or somesuch) [Perkl].

Rescue dorian:
Rescue a girl Dorian of the village Kaveril in the lands of Dunamor.
Rescuing dorian is rumored to be a LOT easier if done by a party where all members are under 50lvl [Perkl].
First you need the key to berul - kill kaveril man, get cotton coat, search coat to find key. then leave kaveril and go sorta east to berul - unlock gate. you need to kill guardian in ne part of city - jacobi and girl are down. [Nyghtshade]

Find the magical gong in batcity, which teleports people anywhere in the land, and hit it 5 times in 30 minutes. The usual aids to travel will not be available to you.
This quest is easiest for a nomad with hiking and swimming skills.
Or [Perkl's hint] just have someone in the batcity ready to rais you a few times. hit the gong, kill yourself, get raised in the city and hit it again.

34 - Shrine search:
Visit each of the race shrines in BatMud.
See map at Dryad's site. Note that recent changes were made to include the Hedgehog shrine in this quest. [Nyghtshade]

35 - Help the baron:
Help Baron de le Bigeaul solve his problem.
You have to bring baron a painting. And there is a way to get the mushrooms without killing the troll, since trolls prefer meat anyway. [Perkl]
kill french knight 20-30k exp, ask baron about help, ask baron about painting, kill 17398: Jean-Claude the pigeon keeper, search hole/nest, take dozing pidgeon go to an ugly troll eating mushrooms sits in the corner, ask troll about mushrooms. give pigeon to troll, take mushrooms, go to Henri the castle chef, ask chef about soup, give mushrooms to chef, take soup, Get flowers [to get flowers look vase at gardener], go to Yves, the Baron's crazy half brother, give soup to yves, ask yves about flowers, give flowers to yves, get painting, ask baron about help, give painting to baron.

37 - Save the princess daisy:
Difficulty: not very hard. Creator: Zin
Princess Daisy, the daughter of King Eowyn has been captured by dragons. You must rescue the princess and slay the dragons. King Eowyn will give you more instructions.
dive into pond to get huge iron key.
ask cherlindia about wand [king eoyns land]
kill red dragon - 8k
ask king about princess, ask about dragons
'jump to well' at: There's a stone well here...
unlock door with An huge iron key
kill spiders?,sw,nw,sw,?
at A rotten guard of cherlindia (undead), 'push wall'
at There's also a small bed and a wooden drawer. search bed, get wand climb to exit well
kill dragons - clear path
give wand to witch, get A small silver key
unlock prison door, look at daisy, type 'follow'
way out curve east and south. Some monsters might block daisy from following. Hurry - if time runs out, you lose.

38 - Vulcan:
Find the god Vulcan in his volcano home and help him.
Find vulcan, and say yes, and deliver the scroll to zeus in mt olympus. [Darkshadow]
To find Vulcan go down from worshipper, kill a fire genie(~20k) blocking and go down again. Say yes and then vulcan give u a key and a scroll. Then go to Pegasus, only who has accepted the quest can 'ride pegasus'. Now u need summon/reloc , unlock gate with the key, kill hera(about 45k), search throne, give scroll to Zeus. Then u receive a seal and zeus teletransports your party with Pegasus again. Give seal to Vulcan and the quest is finished. [Erlend]

39 - Enchanted cloak:
Find a well that is the property of some giants in Doobie's area. Find the blind old mage at the bottom of the well. Offer your services to him. While seeking the mage avoid all unnecessary combat.

40 - Sacrifice staff: [Darkshadow]
You have to kill elena for the staff of law, go to foul's creech, kill the urvile loremaster, and go to the altar and type 'sacrifice staff of law'.[Darkshadow]

go to rudryprayag and find the items, which are mentioned in the poster (the house south from mohan's house). take the item's to jim corbett (who is in one of the trees). view the roomdescs very well, most item's are behind secret passages. [Juo]

44 - Holy grail:
King Arthur is searching for brave adventurers to help him find the most Holy Grail and make the land whole. Search in Dranthrax's ancient area for hints of the sacred cup.

Ivory blades:
A long and hard lq. You have to kill all the shifters in castle halberdheath before the lq can be done. Also, a psi is very helpful to have in party for this one [Perkl].

In von Huber mansion in Hugoville 'pull chandelier' in Cruella's bedroom and find machine (Not sure if it was d from Henri..) I think e you find michelle (or whatever monsie it was) and killing it you should get card. Move back to the machine and "insert card" [Drifter].
Dont open the coffin unless you are tough [Perkl].

    1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9 10 11 12 13 14 15 

 1  *  .  .  .  .  .  *  *  *  *  .  *  *  *  *
 2  .  .  .  *  *  .  *  *  .  .  *  .  .  .  *
 3  .  .  *  .  *  *  .  *  .  *  *  *  .  *  *
 4  *  .  .  .  .  .  .  *  *  .  .  *  *  .  *
 5  *  *  *  .  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  *  .  *
 6  *  .  .  .  *  *  .  .  .  *  .  *  .  *  .
 7  .  *  *  .  .  *  .  *  *  .  .  .  .  *  .
 8  *  *  .  *  *  .  .  .  *  *  .  *  .  .  .
 9  *  .  .  .  .  *  *  *  .  *  *  *  *  .  .
10  *  .  .  .  *  .  .  .  .  .  *  *  .  .  *

Magic tower:
In ikars killing the high priest you will achieve Holy Cross, one of the lq items. Other items are two halves of the cube (never found em). Give the three items to astral & otto and quest is complete. (BTW by completing this quest you will get a kewl portable tower, REALLY cool IMHO) [Drifter].
For this one you have to rescue otto from troll cave. One of the trolls has the other half of the cube, and within the pile of trinkets where Larry, Moe and Curly store their treasure is the another [Perkl].

52 - Return the amulet:
A while ago an elven messenger rushed to the BatCity. He was carrying a strange message. The message was written in an ancient elven dialect that was forgotten a long time ago, but some of the older elves in the BatCity figured out that the messages was somekind of request for help. When they tried to ask from the messenger where he was from, he said something that nobody understood and pointed towards south.
In the elf village you need to find Eldaron in the northwest corner of the village. Type accept quest and then head east from the square into an elf house. Search crap, pull lever and enter a portal. From the portal go northwest and kill a hell hound and Zorthas (250k) to get the quest. Watch for area spells. [anonymous highbie]

The mythical frostblade:

Zonni statue:
Kill peddlers in BC to get pieces (6 of em, head, torso, 2 x legs, 2 x arms) and drop them in statue. [Drifter]
Put back together the statue and then kill the evil Zonni [Perkl].

Rescue lady:

69 - The Horsehead Mountain:
Wicked gods have begun to gather forces so they can march against Bat City. You must find their dimension and stop them at any cost.

Silver battlesuit:

71 - The Ritual of Sacrifice:
The gods always urge for sacrifices of mortals. One of the greatest sacrifices a mortal can do is to preform the Ritual of Sacrifice. According to legends this ancient ritual has only been performed once by a king named William Amberley, but he died instantly after completing the ritual. All books and scrolls about his doing and his research about the ritual was removed and hidden by someone of the family. They are still supposed to exist within the Amberley Mansion, but no one has been able to find them.

72 - Free coroner's soul:
Coroner's immortal soul has been captured and needs to be freed. Coroner lies tied to his mortal body in a grave. Help free his soul and you shall earn his gratitude.

73 - Liberation:

Enchanted forest:


Ndoki forest:

you need to kill zyll :P and grab his corpse and show it somewhere. hint: to start kill scorpion that has this sucky scorpion amulet that gives 1 avoid... [anon]

Flying citadel:
You will need 2 things to get into the citadel: 1] a dragon orb, and 2] at least 2 players.
With the dragon orb, find the citadel outside of batcity. While standing under the citadel, type'call dragon'. The Golden Dragon will come. Type'climb dragon' to get on, and 'climb down' to get off. Once there, there is a locked door. You will have to go to the window, and climb into the window. This requires 2 people.
Quest completion requires you to land the citadel at Rounce. [Nyghtshade/Pim]

Once inside the citadel you must find and kill Kitiara, the dragon highlord worth 650k, 3 sivak draconians worth 600k each, 3 kapak draconians worth 200k, an aurak draconian worth 400k, then Skie and Soth worth about 1m. It takes between 6 and 10 hours to reach soth, and you have to get lucky on his resistances to be able to kill him. [anonymous highbie]

after killing soth and skie you need to get to control room and need 3 ppl now one controling e-w moevs on n-s and one runing in outworld and teling them how to get to the dwarf a bit e from conjurers. [anon]

ah to get to kitiara hmm not sure 100% you need to press buton at the same time in sw and ne tower of citadel, you will need to kill those mean draconians first to get to top of those towers first then kitiara in north part after kiling kitiara you need to get key fast before she resets search table or something. then in central tower you kill sivak and some small and there are those doors you get a key for.. rest is just hack&slash and time to fly. [anon]

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