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This info is written for the very beginning newbie, level 1 to 5 or so.

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Firstly, the best source of information is other players. Ask on the newbie channel by typing 'newbie your_message'. If this does not work, try asking individual players. Nyghtshade is usually happy to answer simple questions, as are most other players. To talk to someone, type 'tell player_name your_message'. Or, if they have just talked to you, you can reply by typing 'reply message'.

How to get 'exp':
EXP points are required for advancing levels. There are 2 main ways for a newbie to get exp. First is by exploring new rooms. You can gain a few levels by simply walking into every room you can inside the city. The other way is by killing things. As a level 1 newbie, it will be hard to kill things, but the best place for you to go is the clock tower. The clock tower is located in central square [cs], 2 east,5 north,and east again from the church altar which is your starting place.Type 'enter clock'. You may also try to kill any pigeons you might see at cs. But if you kill things, don't leave corpses laying around. Either carry them on you or bury them [page down to Killing Things].
Other places to go after the clock tower are the church basement, and newbie mountain. [see webpage Newbie Areas]

How to advance levels:
There are 2 kinds of levels in batmud. First is regular level, and second is guild level. We talk about regular levels here. The place to advance level is the adventurers guild, located 3 east, 1 s from the church altar. Type 'advance'.

Killing Things / dealing with corpses:
First, what not to try to kill - as a newbie, don't attack the NPC's in batcity, as most of them are very tough and will kill you in seconds. Many of them will become hostile and attack you even if you merely initiate use of an offensive spell or skill in their presence.
Kill small things at first. After you kill something, you can loot the corpse by typing 'get all corpse'.
About corpses, the danger is that if left laying around, they can turn into undead! Undead are bad because they are very nasty - they are much stronger and meaner than the original monster, and if you do manage to kill them, they give very little exp :(
So, do NOT leave corpses on the ground. Either carry them in your inventory [to see your inventory type 'i'], or bury them, or eat them, or tin them, or fresh pants them, or leather craft them.
To bury you will need a shovel, and the command is 'dig grave'. Shovels can be gotten from the shops in batcity [weaponsmith or hardware store], or at the Shovel dispenser at Digga's Newbie area. Also shop inside Ranger Guild sells shovels.

Making torches / Seeing in the dark:
Unless your race has infravision, you will have trouble seeing in the dark. There are several ways to get around this. If you are a nomad, you will have the skill 'torch creation', and you can use this skill to make yourself a torch, which you can light. If not, you can buy torches from the general store. Alternatively, you can buy a ring of infravision from the ring shop, or a potion of infravision from the potion shop. The spell infravision will also work. Sometimes players have what is called 'darkness eq' - this refers to armour or items that have an aura of deep darkness that will overwhelm even the light of 10 torches. If you are standing near someone with such eq, you will need infra to see anything.

About equipment:
The best place for under level 30 to get equipment is Damogran. He is located 2 east, 2 north of church altar. Type 'bow damogran', and he will be pleased with you. You can then ask him for stuff. When you quit, the game does NOT save your eq - everything you carry is dropped. So best to sell stuff and get cash for it before you quit. Shops are located in the NW corner of batcity [see batcity maps]. Only the cash you carry is saved on you. There is also the linkdead option 'ld' - this saves your position and eq until the next boot.

Guilds and background:
Guilds are what make the mud more fun. What guilds you can join is affected by the background you are. One cannot join guilds until after level 16. Easiest background for newbie is nomad, and easiest nomad guild is ranger.

You are bound to die - it is no big deal. There is an NPC called Athalon who will help newbies who die. Just type 'accept ress from athalon' if ever you find yourself in hell. Sometimes Athalon does not work, if so, get a rais or a ress from a player.

Use the granite posts - you see one just outside the church.

Level Quests:
Level Quests are mostly optional, but some are fun and easy to do, especially at levels 10 and under. They help by decreasing the amount of exp you need to advance.

Area surrounding Batcity:
See this map made just for newbies: Newbie World Map
It shows the area around batcity [BC]. All areas of interest to newbies are marked. Don't go to areas not named on map yet.

Some Commands:
'set builtin on' - allows shortcuts eg: ga=get all, gac=get all from corpse
'brief' - toggles brief vs verbose descriptions.

This page written by Nyghtshade.

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